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Ride Report (Cowra Again) 21 July 2019

Cowra again?  We must be running out of venues and have to keep recycling the old tried and true destinations.  It’s a nice ride out to Cowra via Frogmore.  I probably do it half a dozen times a year on my way to somewhere else.  Never mind.  It was my choice to turn up for the social aspect rather than the ride excitement.  The company for this ride was good and the weather was brilliant, so I was pretty sure it would be fine and dandy.  Not cloudy with a chance of meatballs.  In fact, it ended up being a balmy 17 degrees or more.  Winter is going, as they say.  I had a camera and offered to do the Scribe duties, so here it is folks.  A brief interpretation of our Sunday sojourn into the late-winter
greenery of New South Wales.

Most of the ride participants looked a little bemused as we stood in small groups at the Nicholls starting station.  Perhaps it was the mildly early start for a slightly longer ride that had them puzzled, or perhaps it was just the brisk morning air that had them wondering why they hadn’t stayed in bed. 
Ride Leader Ian rose from the mist of bedazzlement to let us know that we should follow him,because he was Ride Leader.  That bit made eminent sense, but the rest of the explanation appeared to contain too many legislative requirements for rolling corner markers and maintaining spatial awareness and individual responsibilities that the assembled menagerie simply nodded robotically and started dressing for the parade.

I am desperately trying to think of something good to say about that short stretch of road between Canberra and the Boorowa turnoff.  Alas, the best I can come up with is that it is indeed short-enough to be tolerable.  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.  We all safely negotiated 30 minutes of utter boredom to the Boorowa turnoff.  Ride leader Ian was still leading, the followers were still following, nothing exciting had occurred so far, so the world was at peace and I was deep in thought about other things.  My thoughts wandered on the track to Boorowa.  Or did they wander off the track to Boorowa?  You shouldn’t allow that when riding a motorcycle.  Dangerous things you know.

Anyway, I remembered a conversation I overheard recently.  It goes like this:  A bloke called Ian was feeling a bit sick a few weeks back, so he went to see his doctor and decided to get something else checked out while he was there.  Ian tells the doctor, "Every time I fart, it sounds like a Honda Goldwing”.  Surprised at this revelation, the doctor tells Ian to pull down his pants and bend over.  As
he does so, Ian farts and sure enough, it sounds just like a Honda Goldwing.  The doctor immediately says to Ian, "I know the problem - you've got an abscess up your arse."  Ian was clearly shocked! 
"What?” he says.  “Surely an abscess can't make my farts sound like my motorcycle?"  The doctor leans closer and quietly says to Ian, "Didn't you know? Abscess makes the fart go Honda!"

Munchies and brews were good at Boorowa.  They seem to have picked up their game at the Superb Bakery lately.  It was busy, but the service speed was ok, and the quality of coffee has definitely gone up a notch or two.  Pies, pasties and sausage rolls washed down with a caffeine fix.  How good is that!  We finished our morning repast and slowly wandered outside to the waiting bikes.  I wonder what our bikes would think about the time spent outside eateries if they had a mind, heart and soul?  Built to travel, they probably wonder why they have so much stationary time away from home.  Fill me up and run me until my tank is empty!  But then, inanimate objects don’t have a mind, heart or soul, so that’s a silly thought.

We snaked our way along the sweeping roads to Cowra via the convict-built cobblestone road through Frogmore.  Well, that’s what it feels like in places.  Rough or not, it’s always a welcome change to be off the beaten track a smidge.  Do you know what a ‘smidge’ is?  It’s an abbreviation for a ‘Smidgen’ which is half a pinch (1/32 of a teaspoon) of something.  You can actually purchase a Smidgen measuring spoon.  Trust me.  I know stuff.  There was no need to jostle for a parking spot at the Japanese War Cemetery.  Visiting dead people from decades past is clearly not a crowd-gathering exercise.  Lovely spot though.  There are lots of beautiful trees and walkways.  We all had a quick
look around and fell into small groups to chat about stuff.  Bikers are good at chatting about stuff. 

The recent influx of new and returning members means lots of new stuff gets talked about.  My neighbour often talks about stuff too.  Last week he told me that one of his dogs ate all the Scrabble tiles.  For days he kept leaving little messages around the house.  We eventually toddled off to the Railway Hotel for lunch.  Most of the stuff discussed over lunch was better than that.  We are a social lot.  Andrew regaled us with more California stories until we made him sit in the corner and be quiet. Jealousy is a curse.

The food was up to the usual standard.  I’m not saying that it was great all-round, but it served its purpose for me and most cleared their plates.  That’s a bonus.  Unfortunately, it became clear that the staff are dyslexic and possibly blind, have painted-on ears and zero concept of luncheon etiquette.  Some got their meals early, some a little bit later, and one not at all.  It was also pot-luck if the meal received was exactly as ordered!  Ian’s Mexican burger was not made by any Mexicans, had absolutely no Mexican ingredients in it, and did not remotely come from the instructions associated with any Mexican recipe.  However, he did eat it all, so I don’t know what he was whining about.  It was a lengthy break, so a refuel on the way out was called and we embarked on a much busier ride home via the main track between Cowra and Boorowa.

Ian considers the consequences of one too many jalapenos

There was little excitement for the ride home.  It was just a lot of traffic that spread the group far and wide all the way to Canberra, so here ends the Ride Report.  Great company, well-behaved bikes, top Ride Leadership from Ian (of course) and no Honda farts or little messages made it an excellent day
out.  Its nice to see a few new bods joining in the fun, but it seems to be many of the same old faces on these rides.  Where is everybody?

Participants for this journey were:

  • Ride Leader Ian (Honda GL1800),
  • Kevin Sherman (GL1800)
  • Mike Kelly (R1200RT)
  • Neil McRitchie (GTR1400)
  • Les Robinson (Triumph Trophy)
  • Andrew Campbell (FJR1300)
  • Dave Jones (XT1200)
  • John Grace (Tiger 1200)
  • Helen & Jo Dutton (VW Polo)
  • Scribe Mick Beltrame (R1250GS)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ride details for Xmas in July (Sat 27 July)

Details for travelers* to Xmas in July at Wellington,NSW:

Date:            Sat 27th – Sun 28th July

Destination:        Xmas in July, Wellington

Distance:        350 km each way

Leave:            Caltex Nicholls

Time:            Sat 27th: briefing 9:50am, departure 10:00am

Lunch:            First stop will be at Cowra for lunch (about 2 hrs ride)

Leader:            Al Munday 0438 510 137

*As we don’t have a ride leader planned for those going on the Friday (most seem to be going in cars anyway), Friday riders should make their own arrangements.


Ian Paterson, Ride Coordinator

0427 291 728

>>Wiki on Wellington<<


Club Ride: Pie Festival (Bowral), 30 June 2019

Pies anyone? Five of us braved the cool wintery conditions, and gathered at BP Watson for a 9AM departure. Ian Pie Man Paterson must still be crook, to have missed this ride. The route taken was Tarago by way of Macs Reef Road and Bungendore, switching onto the Hume Highway at the Big Merino Goulburn exit. We travelled on the “Ho Hum” to the Service Centre at Marulan, where we stopped for a coffee break. The coffee was hot but average – even so a relief for the cold bones we were all feeling. Mick advised us at this point that if the crowds were huge he would give the PieFest a miss.

On departure we determined that we will use corners markers from here, as the route took us north, and almost immediately right, along the Highland Way (Tallong, Wingello, Penrose and a few zigzags around Bundanoon), and at Exeter we stayed on the Werai Road, and left onto Mount Broughton road at Currawarra. A short 20 minutes later or so we arrived Mossvale, where the Sunday recreational traffic was somewhat frustrating. Clear of Mossvale, we travelled along Argyle Street as we entered the southern outskirts of Bowral (this is the little area known as “Bong Bong”). A hard right and a few km further on, we arrived at the destination “Bong Bong Picnic Racecourse”.

Crowds were there, but none too much to keep Mick away. We begrudgingly paid our $10 entry fee to see what the pies are like. And the first food van we see is a “german sausage van”. Hmmph, not authentic, simple kranskys with no sauerkraut to be seen anywhere. That's not what I’m here for anyway, I’m in for some nice pies. We decided to settle on a 2.30 meet for the return ride (unless we individually choose to leave early and make our own way back), and broke away to mingle independently. *

I found a few different pies – some savoury, some sweet – but my favourite was the Alpine pie made by Heatherbrae (you know the one, the pie shop near the Illawarra Hwy (Eling Forrest) Service Centre – with the green FJ Holden in the front of the shop?. No?. Well, you should definitely try it next time you go through there). 

The weather had not warmed up one bit, so I chose to have a nice mug of Porter with my pies. About this time (and it was only 1PM or so) I caught up with (most of) the others, and we decided to head home by way of the same route. Mick had already left by the time we got back to the bikes. Errol was going to peel off in Goulburn and make the journey directly home along the highway.

Alan suggested we take the “back roads” out of Goulburn to get to Gunning. Little did any of us know it’s a bit of a challenge to find this back road out of Goulburn. Essentially, it means getting onto Gurrundah Road, winding back and forth toward the wind farm at Cullerin Range. The road surface is a bit dubious, but eventually we cleared the problem area and the run into Gunning. A quick rest stop was had, and as it was by now beginning to get late (and colder), we headed straight home by way of Gundaroo. At Sutton, Al, Chas and Tony broke off onto Tallagandra Lane / Mulligans Flat Road, while I continued onto the Federal and home.

Thanks for a great day (despite the wintery conditions).



  • Chris Dietzel (Kwaka GTR1400)
  • Alan Munday (FJR1300).
  • Mick Beltrame (BMW GS1250)
  • Errol  Pentland (FJR1300)
  • Tony Henderson (Tiger 800) 
*Not just Pies at the Pie Fest! Here are Al and Tony discussing the ladder option with the vendor. Not hard to get home in the bike? Alas the report does not mention if a laddery purchase was made.


Saturday, July 13, 2019

The July RO2 is now available

President Maritta has sent out an email to remind us that the July 2019 RO2  has been posted. You can duck over to the RO2 page and find it there.

Marittas email also included a timely reminder for anyone who has forgotten to renew their membership:

" For those of you who are not currently financial, now is the time to renew your membership and continue to receive these updates. Click Here! "

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Lap of California – May/June 2019

Andrew Campbell has just come back from a very interesting tour of California. He describes it as "a wonderful motorcycle touring destination full of spectacular coastline, marvellous redwood forests, gorgeous mountain peaks and lush green valleys."


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Is this your bike?

Jim Lavery, Member 71, came to the Tuesday 18 June meeting  to let us know that he had found some handbooks for his old K75 BMW which he had sold a while ago.

He'd sold it to a fellow Ulyssian who he has lost touch with. If you recognise the machine, let Jim know as he would like to pass the handbooks on to the machines new owner.

Jim can be contacted on 0262916901


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Ride Report - Green Grocer Chomp and Chat 16 June 2019

Sunday June 16 started off cloudy and cool, but there was no rain forecast. 8 riders met at BP Watson, with Tony arriving on the bell because his 'Check Engine' light had been on ....  he felt confident it was a false alarm, so we started out right on the money at 10.30.

And lo there was a plan of going!
We travelled down the Fed to the Macs Reef Rd turnoff, only to be overtaken by a hopped up Sunday driver in his fully sick machine on the double lines - right after the turnoff. He overtook most of us, including a few cars and nearly had a head on with a Land Rover - and nearly got the opportunity to meet Gary - before moving to the left lane. He overtook the rest of us at the next opportunity that presented itself, scaring the crap out of an old man in a red Camry - and positioned himself right behind the ride leader. Luckily, he turned off down Denley Drive to go and harass someone else.

We rode down Smiths Gap turning left onto the Tarago Rd to head to the Collector Rd, and then it started to spit - you know that annoying kind of rain that is just enough to annoy the crap out of you ?  And that was pretty much how it stayed all the way to Goulburn. Fearless leader missed a turn after going under the little bridge to take the short cut, but got us to the warm confines of the Green Grocer without incident where we all took up a warm seat by the amazing pizza oven, operating at 272 degrees. As usual, the food was great and the pizza looked the goods - those that had it, loved it.

The intrepid ones!

After we ordered, Mick Beltrame appeared at the cafe fresh from riding through the rainy southern highlands. 

Our numbers swelled to 9 and Gary led us to the servo on his F6B and out of town to the Gurrundah Rd. This fun detour is a mixture of goat track, potholes and smooth tarmac. Riding through Gunning and Gundaroo we noted a lot of new housing development, Gary saw a beautifully white sheep on the roadsid and a Sharpei that tried to attack as we passed it. 

As we made our way into Sutton a HiLux driver tried to wipe Gary out at the intersection just before the Sutton Baker - full circle with bad Sunday drivers and left Gary believing he really is invisible on his massive motor.

The return route.

We regrouped at Sutton Baker for a warming beverage, following the cameraderie that Chomp and Chats should be known for - everyone riding back together and saying their goodbyes before heading north, south, east or west to home.

Top temp on this ride was about 8 Degrees, and the rain was a pain in the butt but the company and the riding were not.

  • Ron Tito - BMW R1200GS
  • Kim Tito - BMW F700GS
  • Mark Mitchell - Triumph Tiger 800 XC
  • Garry McCurley - Honda F6B
  • Neil McRitchie - Kawasaki GTR 1400
  • Doug Cawley - Honda VT750
  • Les Robinson - Triumph Trophy
  • Tony Henderson - Triumph Tiger 800
  • Mick Beltrame - BMW R1250GSA