Monday, December 21, 2015

Club Ride to Bodalla Dairy Shed 20 Dec 2015.

The day started off very warm and got hotter as the day went on. It was about 32 degrees during the ride briefing at the Watson Caltex servo, 39 degrees while going down part of the Clyde and reached 44 degrees for a while down the coast.

The original plan for the day was ride to Braidwood for morning tea, down the Clyde, regroup opposite the Steam Packet at Nelligan, fuel at Moruya,  regroup out side Bodalla, lunch at Diary Shed, (rather then like previous years ride to Cooma), this year ride to Potato Point, followed by a ride to Nerrigundah, fuel at Batemans Bay, up the Clyde back to Braidwood for afternoon tea, good byes and home.

We made it to Braidwood incident free and after a bit of confusion about where to go for morning tea, ie. DOJO or the Albion we head up at the Albion for a pleasant morning tea.

Even though the temperature was hot, the ride down the Clyde was enjoyable and as planned we regrouped at Nelligen, then incident free onto Moruya for fuel.

While riding to Moruya a goanna wandered across the highway in front of us. Blowing my bike horn to hurry it up did not help.  Then just before Moruya there where 2 huge bulls trying to escape the heat under the shade of a tree.

After refueling at Moruya we continued on to Badolla for a nice lunch. The girls at the Dairy Shed were marvellous and gave us fantastic service. We arrived a bit early and under difficult circumstances due to our early arrival the girls still provided excellent very customer focused service. 

Plans then changed as some decided to head straight home while others decided to go to Narooma to see some seals on the sea breakwall, that Chris Dietzel told us about. Chris very kindly lead us to Narooma and through the town to the place where the seals where reported to be.

While we did not find any seals the ride was really worth while for the scenery alone, including 2 string rays swimming in the beautiful clear blue water.

After we finished a bit of a tour of Narooma, Chris lead us back to Batemans Bay for fuel before our run up the Clyde.  

Before arriving in Bateman Bay the air temperature hit 44 degrees. The air was too hot to ride with your helmet visor up. If you lifted your visor you very quickly put it back down due to the radiant heat streaming on your face.

We made it to Bateman Bay incident free for fuel, a cold drink and an ice cream. While at the servo due to the extreme hot air temperature Chris shows us a novel way to keep your head cool in a bike helmet - place your helmet under a tap and wet the inside lining. Nat then showed us another way to keep cool while riding - soak a bandaner in water and tie it around your neck.

After we fuelled the bikes and some heat proofed themselves we headed up the Clyde. Chris lead us for a pretty standard enjoyable ride up the Clyde until about the 2nd last tight corner.

We found a VW Transport van towing a diesel Pugeot stranded half way around the corner with traffic streaming past.
Chris very thoughtfully stopped to see if the driver need help.

Chris soon worked out the van driver was rather inexperienced and needed help. Chris very professionally took control of the situation and between us all we directed traffic past the van until a solution could be found to get the VW van on its way.

Another guy then pulled up on the opposite side of the road also in Pugeot. Apparently he owned the diesel Pug on the trailer.  The reason it was on the trailer was someone put petrol in his deisel Pug😱.

The Pug owner was very grateful that a group of "bikies" pulled up to help. He commented "it looks like all bikies aren't the same".

Then a half empty flat bed semi came around corner. The semi driver stop and offered to tow the van up the Clyde. He  reversed back to the VW van connected the semi to the VW and with out hesitation the semi pulled the van, and car trailer containing the broken down Pug up the Clyde.

We then got back on our bikes and rode off to Braidwood for a cool drink and more ice cream. After relaxing over good conversation we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Although the day didn't quite go to plan and was a bit warm, the day was a success in that it was a real test of women, men, motor bikes and semi trailers ☺ all past with flying colours - it was a good day.



T Shirts for 2016 AGM - FINAL CALL

Just a reminder in this busy Christmas week that with an annual shutdown by the T shirt suppler and a five week lead time you need to order and pay for your Launceston travelling T shirt  by Tuesday 22 December 2015 to have them in time  for Tassie.

Order form and size chart can be downloaded here.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ride Report – Bright, Victoria, 7-11 Dec 2015

I have December off and Sally, Al and Lyn are retired so we decided to spend five days getting away from it all (except from each other, of course) in the Victorian high country.

Sally and I rode to Bright on Monday but Al had to see his Bermudan banker or Samoan stockbroker or something on Tuesday morning so they couldn’t leave till after that. Sally and I were lucky. Monday was warm and sunny and by the time we got past Tumut and into the shelter of the mountains the wind had dropped. We had coffee at Jugiong, a pleasant lunch at the 4 Bears cafĂ© in Tumbarumba, a break in the park at Tallangatta, and rode the last part of the journey to Bright via the Gundowring Road (where Mel Gibson used to have his cattle stud) and Happy Valley Road (both very pleasant).

Tuesday was a different story. The weather was decidedly dodgy as Al and Lyn rode from Holt to Jindabyne and across the Alpine Way. It rained all the way from Thredbo to Khancoban, where they stopped for lunch with that uncomfortably soggy feeling you get when you know the crotch of your rain pants has been leaking for the past hour. Meanwhile, Sally and I were sitting in our comfy cabin at the Big4 in Bright, watching the rain pour down and reading, eating, drinking wine and doing all those other things seniors do when they find themselves alone and far from home. Al and Lyn arrived late in the afternoon, fortunately just before the weather turned even worse, ripping branches off trees and causing some local flooding. While they warmed up in the shower (separately, don’t get any wrong ideas) Sally cooked up some spag bol to accompany our dinner of red and white wine and beer.

Wednesday dawned bright and sunny so while Al and Lyn’s bike gear was drying we all went for a walk down through the Ovens River canyon and 160-year-old gold diggings, across a swing bridge and back up the other side of the river. 

After lunch (Subway sangers eaten in a bus shelter we had mistaken for a park) Al and Lyn rode up to the spectacular granite plateau of Mt Buffalo while Sally and I had a relaxing afternoon in town. Dinner was, again, red and white wine and beer, this time accompanied by delicious Scotch fillet steaks cooked on the Big4’s barbie.

Thursday was possibly the best day of the trip. We left Bright and rode over Tawonga Gap to Mt Beauty, up the steep, winding road to Falls Creek, across the Bogong High Plains in some powerfully gusty winds, and along the incredibly twisty-turny Omeo Highway to Omeo, where we had lunch at the Twinkles cafĂ©. Much of this road was gravel until it was sealed two years ago and it’s now a great ride. Most of it was in third gear, sometimes in second, occasionally in fourth. Only in the last 8 km into Omeo did the Wing make it into top (5th). The temperature on the Bogong High Plains was a brisk 16C but by Omeo it had warmed up to 26C.

From Omeo we took the Great Alpine Road back to Bright, stopping at Dinner Plain for Sally to don some warmer gear and at cool, windy Mt Hotham to admire the expansive views of Mounts Buffalo, Feathertop and Bogong and take some photos. The downhill run from Mt Hotham to Harrietville is an amazing ride! Dinner back at the Big4 was the usual fluids supplemented by barbecued snags and salad.

We returned home on Friday, stopping for coffee and a pie at Tallangatta, bypassing Corryong on the much more scenic route through Granya, Walwa and Tintaldra, lunching at Tumbarumba and farewelling each other at a rest stop at Jugiong. All up, we did just over 1400 km in the five fantastic days.

Ian Paterson

Ian & Sally Paterson GL1800
Al & Lyn Munday FJR1300


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Club Ride to Jindabyne – Sunday 6th December 2016 - Ride Report 2

Another ride report (or What one does when riding Tail End Charlie) Jindabyne December 2015

First apology to Andrea who is writing the real and factual ride report, as this report only barely has any connection with what really happened.

Now how does one start a ride report.
It was a dark and stormy night, no not that one.
It was a warm sunny day and all the cracks had gathered for the fray.  Nope been done before; now once more with feeeeling, On a fine sunny morning a mob of Ulyssesians had gathered to ride off into the mountains.....

Ride leader Andrew

Andrew was our ride leader and gave the briefing of what, who, why and where (but did not include photographs with circles, arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one.). This did however include corner marking and a tail end charlie (me, cause I had a hi-vis vest).
So leaving fashionably late we headed south and after many fascinating highway kilometres we arrived at Nimmitabel for the first coffee/tea or whatever. This involved using most of the parking opposite the bakery and taking over the tables out the front.

30 minutes later and after a requisite photo op we once again headed south through light traffic and very nice weather (remember this) turning off the highway (thank goodness) to travel through the back roads to Dalgety. 

Fortunately the traffic had generally been well behaved (one equal opportunity car driver who tailgated trucks/car/motorcyles) and we rode together into Jindabyne. (Actually we regrouped outside of town so we could look impressive riding into town but this was foiled by the traffic control lights at roadworks, ah the best laid plans)

There was a very short food break (some called it lunch) where I had an excellent discussion with Andrea that if it sounded healthy it must be (I used this as a rationale for a lemon cheesecake later in the day as lemon is a fruit and good for you, cheese in moderation is good for you and I had a small slice, cake makes your feel good so 2 out of 3).

After filling up the motorcycles that have either small tanks or thirsty motors (or both) we had our final briefing (actual a change of route) as the skies where looking Dark and Stormy. Unfortunately  some riders did get wet before we arrived at Cooma but it was not from the rain rather a full cattle truck that was difficult to pass (yuck)

So the final stop was at Cooma to make sure we are all here (and ice creams) after which we mostly made our own way home either via the Santa Store at Bredbo or cafe at Bredbo (that had really good  lemon cheesecake although not as good as my wife's). While it threatened to rain, I got home dry.

It was a good day, good ride and don't ride close to cattle trucks its yucky.


Tail end Charlie (Mike)

Club Ride to Jindabyne – Sunday 6th December 2016 - Ride Report 1

We had perfect weather expected for our ride to Jindabyne, ranging from 33 Degrees in Canberra to 25 degrees in Jindabyne.

After a short ride brief by our Ride Leader – Andrew Campbell, 15 riders and 1 pillion took to the road, with Mike Kelly volunteering to be “Tail-end-Charlie”.
Least to say, there no accidents or incidents to be had on the day as we continued our trip to our first stop at the Nimmitabel Bakery for morning coffee.

No trip is never as simple as the most direct way to the destination when on a motorbike, with a couple of extra turns we added many more kilometres, twists and turns, to break up the journey. The scenery was second to none.

Garry made us regroup – in the middle of the road – to allow an echidna/porcupine thing, to cross the road. Garry, with a coffee under his belt, was also seeing ostriches,…apparently.

After a quick stop for lunch – like 20 minutes – just enough time to eat a toasted sanger, we hit the road again – of course, taking the long way back to Cooma.

Once in Cooma we regrouped outside a service station, where a majority of the fellas enjoyed an icecream. After a few more chats, stories and pics we scattered on our way back to Canberra.

Genelle and I decided to call in at the Bredbo Xmas shop and well,…..Wow. Definitely a place worth visiting.

Thanks to Andrew for leading and Mike for tailing. Great company, great weather, great ride – It was a fantastic day…..Can we have longer for lunch though?



  •     Andrew Campbell            Kawasaki Ninja ZX14
  •     Chas Towie                         Honda ST1300
  •     Mike Kelly                           BMW R1200RT
  •     Garry McCurley                Honda VFR1200
  •     John & Eleonor                 Yamaha FJR1300
  •     Manfred Halton                                BMW R1200R
  •     Trevor McLeod                 Yamaha FJR1300
  •     Andrea Lanagan               Suzuki Boulevard
  •     Genelle Mills                      Triumph Bonneville
  •     Mark Mitchell                    Ducati Scrambler
  •     Robert Apps                       BMW R100RS
  •     Heike Apps                         BMW R100RS
  •     Robert McNeilly               Honda VFR800
  •     Sandy Fisk                           Honda Deauville
  •     Les Robinson                     BMW R1150GS

Monday, November 23, 2015

Club Ride To Temora, 22 November 2015.

After the "Ride Briefing", covering among other matters a number of safety issues including a reminder of a minimum of a 3 second gap between bikes in the dry,  5 seconds if we encounter rain and a reminder about how corner marking works, the ride departed from Nichols Caltex under warm but grey skies to Harden for morning tea.

The  grey skies did not last long and we rode under clear blue warm sunny skies all day.

Ian very kindly undertook "Tail End Charlie" duties.

Although, 1 of our group corner marked our turn off the Hume Highway to Harden, an Officer from the NSW Highway Patrol very kindly also marked the turn for us ☺.

After a non eventful ride directly to Harden for an enjoyable morning tea, a fun interesting ride then started involving  a lot of zig zagging along some roads I have never rode along before. We could have travelled directly to Temora from Harden however, it was more fun to explore previously un-riden roads to Temora. The plan was to go to Temora via a road called the "Old Temora Road" but not via Cootamundra.

My plan started off really well and we travelled at a sight seeing pace, i.e, at a very cautious pace, through some enjoyable picturesque country side with paddocks full off sheep with their lambs, horses with foals, cows with calves, long horned hereford cattle and big bulls relaxing under shady trees, including farm houses with farm machinery scattered around their properties.

At one stage we crossed a stock grid which leads us onto a curious narrow little road with sheep all over it. As we slowly navigated our way through the sheep and around a few pot holes, I came across a 6 to 8 foot piece of rusty fencing wire lying in the middle of the rode. We stopped and I picked the piece of wire up and threw it off the road.

We continued meandering along this interesting little road and I then saw a semi trailer gravel truck in the distance heading towards us. This did not seem right as the road was so narrow, i.e it was really only one lane wide covered in sheep and I'm sure at one stage I saw a sign that indicated the road was only for vehicles 10 tonnes and under. I must have it wrong as I'm sure a truckie would not take a short cut along a road not capable of taking a truck of this size. ☺To our advantage I had plenty of time to find a very safe place to pull the group off the road and wait there until the truck past. The truckie gave us a smile and wave as he passed.

After the truck disappeared, we continued on our enjoyable sight seeing tour and some how I must have "zagged" when I was supposed to "zig" and we ended up riding through Cootamundra to find the main Temora Road. Some how I then missed a turn after Cootamundra and rather then taking the "Old Temora Road" directly to Temora, I inadvertently led the group to Temora via Stockenbingal.

The above mistakes did not affect the day's riding as everyone had fun exploring new interesting roads while sight seeing and the "OldTemora Road" is still out there to be discovered another day.

As we finally rode into Temora we were greeted by a beautiful display of purple Jacaranda trees in full bloom lining the roadway.

On arriving in the main street of Temora at about 12:45pm, we parked our bikes and it was decided that we would all wonder off to do our own thing for lunch,  then meet back at the bikes at 02:00pm, fuel the bikes and head home via a stop at Harden for afternoon tea.

After fueling the bikes we said our goodbyes, to those that could not stop at Harden and Ian removed an echidna quill from his front tire. Luckily it was easy to pull out and did not punctured Ian's new front tyre. Hartmnt was also lucky as he found a screw in his rear tyre that also did not affect his ability to ride home.

We had a non eventful ride direct to Harden, waived goodbye to those that could not stop, enjoyed chatting over afternoon tea and then the rest of us headed home to Canberra.

Thanks to great company, good riding weather and the fun of exploring new roads including getting a bit lost, taking a few wrong turns, all agreed the day was very enjoyable.


  • Garry McCurley - Honda VFR1200 
  • Mark Morey - Triumph Bonneville
  • Mick & Kipper - Victory XC
  • Hartmnt Kehm - BMW R 1200GS
  • John & Eleonor - Yamaha  FJR1300
  • David Formica - Kawasaki ZX14R
  • Manfred  Halton - BMW R 1200R
  • Les  & Julie Robinson - BMW R 1150GS
  • Ian Paterson - Honda GL1800
  • Marilyn Stark - BMW 800.

3 day ride for Anzac weekend 2016

Peter has provided a heads up for the 3 day ride for Anzac weekend 2016; in order to ensure this weekend goes smoothly it would be wise to book your accommodation early. 

 Details so far - it's reccommended you book at the following venues if intending to stay together as a group.

Saturday 23rd April 2016 ...... 

Midcity  Motorlodge  Orange. ph. (02) 63621600
Contact Us - Mid City Motor Lodge

Town Square Motel, 246 Anson Street, Orange NSW 2800,
(02) 6369 1444

Sunday 24th April 2016...........

Country Mile Motor Inn Forbes.
Country Mile Motor Inn 
Econo Lodge Ben Hall Motor Inn
5-7 Cross St, Forbes NSW 2681
(02) 6851 2345

We will be attending the ANZAC parade commemorative services at Temora on Anzac Day Monday 25th 2016.

More about the ride as soon as it is finalised. 

Any questions please call Peter Arday on 0411529151.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ulysses Club Canberra Branch - Christmas Party 2015

The Ulysses Club Canberra Branch - Christmas Party 2015 is on 12 December (from 4 pm for a 6pm dinner)

If you are going - get in touch with Kim to confirm and make sure you are catered for :-)

Details below!

Joe’s Motorcycles Annual Big Tent Sale

Joe’s Motorcycles Annual Big Tent Sale is Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November 2015 
  • 10 to 50% off everything!
  • Sausage sizzle
  • deal direct with distributors!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chomp & Chat to Gunning Sunday 15th November 2015

The day started like any other, with bikes rolling in to the service station to fill up, before assembling together and waiting for a ride brief.

Our illustrious leader for the day was none other than Mr Arday. With that established, we knew that a short ride brief was not going to be in the question, so we all established a comfortable stance and all listened intently to stories of rides gone by. 

Mark rang ahead to the Merino CafĂ© to notify them of our crowd of 19.  With the formalities done we headed off towards Gunning.

The ride was without incident or accident, and the weather conditions were perfect. Not all the same could be said for the road conditions. However, we all managed to dodge the potholes and stay upright on the gravel.

Joining our ride today as a guest was Jess. We hope to see more of you Janet.

Our meal was, as always fantastic at the Merino Café. However, Ian had an extended wait so kept us entertained with a ditty about Granny and her false teeth.

Great day for a ride.


The riders were:

  • Kim Moorey        F700GS           
    St Pedro smiles his best "trust me" smile.
  • Heike Apps        R100RS
  • Ron Tito        CTX1300
  • Robert Apps        R100RS
  • Mick & Tracey Winters    Trophy
  • Colin Whittaker        VT750
  • Janet Anderson        CB400
  • Mark Morey        Bonnie
  • Genelle Mills        Triumph
  • Gary Thomas        DL650
  • Andrea Lanagan    Boulevard
  • Mark Mitchell        Scrambler
  • Hoertmat Kehm        GS1200
  • Mick Beltrame        Victory XC
  • Ian Paterson        GL1800
  • Sandy Fisk        Deauville
  • Trevor McLeod        FJR1300
  • Peter Arday        ST1300

Thursday, November 12, 2015

ACT and Region 35th Annual Motorcyclists Toy Run

Yes its on again - the   ACT and Region 35th Annual Motorcyclists Toy Run will be commencing at Old Parliament House, Saturday, 12th December 2015.

Riders can assemble from from 8:00am for 10:00am departure. (Coffee and egg and bacon rolls can be consumed while you wait)

Following the ride we will donate new toys, non-perishable food & cash to support the Salvation Army and St John's Care.

The route will be along Adelaide Avenue to State  Circle, Commonwealth Bridge, along Parkes Way, across Kings Avenue Bridge and back to Old Parliament House.

Contact Jen Woods 0448 336 111 or


Monday, November 2, 2015

Feedback needed for the design of a branch T shirt for the 2016 AGM

Here's the first Mock up of a Shirt for next years Tassie Trip. 

Besides the "n" missing off "Launceston" - what do you think? 

Once we have a consensus we can go ahead and start the ordering process. 

Please send  comments and suggestions to Andreal:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ride to Gunning 18 October 2015

Sunday was a pleasant cloudy day - around 24 degrees. This ride was changed to Gunning to allow people to get home in time to watch the MotoGP.

BP Watson was a comfortable venue to meet and we got away at 10.30ish after the ride briefing and a few stragglers arrived.

The directionally challenged ride leader took a wrong turn when instructed by her Garmin GPS with brand new maps (damn you Garmin). This was an excellent rider development opportunity for everyone - U-Turn practice hones your skills and everyone knows that practice makes perfect.

The Merino Cafe food was excellent as usual, I saw an Anzac Biscuit that resembled a pancake.

After an hour or so at the cafe, some headed off for a longer ride and the other 8 or so riders went home.

The opportunity to get out in the fresh air on your bike with pleasant conversation and coffee was enjoyed, as usual.

  • Kim Moorey BMW F700GS
  • Peter Arday ST1300
  • Julie Hyland Honda Sports
  • Mark M - Bonneville
  • Gary McCurley and Natalie Te Bay VFR1200
  • Ray Ninja 300
  • Mike Kelly BMW R1200RT
  • Andrea Lanagan Suzuki Boulevard
  • Emma Campbell Suzuki Intruder
  • Allan Grimes HD Fatboy
  • David Formica ZX14R
  • Gary Thomas DL650
  • Sandy Fisk Deauville
  • Andrew Campbell FJR1300
  • Trevor

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Club Ride to Junee. 4 October 2015

A sunny morning not much wind and 17c with the promise of a real good day for a ride. At first there was a fear that no one would turn up as daylight savings started this morning. That was soon dispelled as riders began to arrive. We had a new to Ulysses rider today David Formica. Hope you enjoy the day and return for many more rides.

After a ride briefing we headed off along the Barton Hwy them the Hume with our turn off at Burley Griffin Way to Harden for a pit stop. The Terracotta Café is always a welcome stop. Friendly service, hot drinks or cold and a snack if you want.

We picked up Steve and Marilyn at Yass on the way through. Trevor left us after coffee.

At Junee we stopped at the Licorice and Chocolate Factory to catch up with Henri Rokx and the Yarra Rangers Branch of Ulysses who were staying in Junee for the long weekend. It was good to see Henri and his team. They spent the weekend exploring Junee and its environs. We did not join them for lunch as past experience had taught us that the Licorice Factory is very busy and we didn’t want a long wait for lunch. Not to be this time lots of space and  a short wait. However we had already decided to have lunch at the Junee Railway Station CafĂ©. 

We said our farewell to the Yarra Rangers mob and headed into town. The Railway Café is big with plenty of seating and still retains the old style railway café with a modern look.

The service and food was very good. The staff are friendly and put up with the usual banter from table without calling security. We engaged in the mandatory chatter about everything from old bikes to how to save mankind and the nation. Nothing was resolved maybe next ride.

Our planned trip home was to Gundagai via Nangus Rd a distance of about 70 kms. There has been a lot of work done along this road, wider, clearly marked even with a fog line. We arrived at the Dog on the Tucker Box to refuel the bikes and ourselves. We bid each other goodbye and safe riding then headed home up the Hume Hwy.

Thanks to the people who joined me for the ride and a very enjoyable day.

The crew:
Mark Walker                        NT700v
David Formica                     GTR1400
Garry McCurley                    VFR1200
Darryl Palin                         GL1800
Mark Mitchell                       Ducati Scrambler
Chas Towie                         ST1300
Mick and Kipper                   Victory XC
Trevor McLeod                     FJR1300
Andrew Campbell                 ZX14
Steve Hopkins and               R1200RT
Marilyn Starick   


Monday, October 5, 2015

2016 AGM Update - booking help sheet and AGM web link

If you are planning on riding down to the 2016 AGM in Launceston and have not yet booked passage for your bike and self on the Spirit of Tasmania you might find the following useful:


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Distinguished Gentlemens Ride 2015 Ride Report

Simon Whittaker gave a quick presentation promoting the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride at the September branch meeting. 

His news was : "On Sunday the 27th of September, we are going to don our finest threads and motor along in the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to help find a cure for prostate cancer. Why? Because over 1,300 men a day die of prostate cancer worldwide, and that’s something we aim to stop. Your donation will help The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride reach its goal of $US3 million to fund research into a cure for a disease that claims far too many gentlemen each and every year."

So while many members set off on the ride to Landra Castle a few Canberra Branch Ulyssians joined the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

Some wore tweed or their dapper best and while there were few monocles to be seen, there was many a pipe (unlit), more than a few flat caps and a significant number of open face helments with goggles. 

I arrived early at the Grease Monkey in Braddon and as the morning progressed an increasing number of well dressed riders on some very smart machines  steadily swelled the ranks. Many paused to pose for a photo in front of a wall with a large dapper gentleman logo before parking up in what was a rough count of some 120 motorcycles and scooters ( as dapper as their riders).

There were many familiar faces amongst the dapper throng including local Ulyssians Genelle Mills, Mark Mitchel, Allan Sjaarda, Col Whittaker and many others.
Genteel Ulyssians
After some spirited acapella renditions from a barbershop twelve the ride set off to weave through the streets of Civic and thence to take in the sights at Mt Stromlo (for a meet up and genteel speechifying) and a loop of the arboretum where many a moustache was twirled.
Finally we all headed off to Kingston Pub for a final bit of speechifying, fundraising, food, conversation and perhaps a reviving ale (low alcohol of course).

All in all a well dapper'd turnout for a very good cause. Well done Simon (and the Whittaker clan).

The Canberra Times was one of the media outlets attending and provided a most supportive report the following day!

Gary Mac Esq.

PS - there's a further fundraising ride on the 10th October (the Blue Tie Ride) - details on facebook at 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Pink Ribbon Ride and the start of Motorcycle Awareness Week 2015

Pink Ribbon Ride 2015

The MRA ACT is organising the Pink Ribbon Ride again -  meeting on 24th October  at Old Parliament House, the ride will go to Bungendore to a BBQ in the park. 

The MRA ACT would love to see heaps of bikes  and riders wearing pink in support of the ride. 

Motorcycle Awareness Week 2015

The 24th is also the start of Motorcycle Awareness Week, and the Joe Rider motorcycle and scooter rider awareness campaign will be held all that week.

Bikers Breakfast will be on Friday 30th October.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ride to Iandra Castle - 27 September 2015

It was a typical Canberra still-a-bit-cool-but-sunshiney-day as we left Nicholls and headed down the Barton, picking up Marilyn on her BMW at Yass - note to blokes: girls on motorbikes are just waiting on the side of the road there to be picked up, so always keep your eyes peeled.
We stopped at the Post Office for coffee in Boorowa, and met up with Trevor who came to say hello - it was great to see him coming out for the ride and a catch up. We discussed the dirt road that leads into Iandra Castle, and the fact that we would have to park on the grass so all were advised to take it easy. Andrew was on his new beast and balked at the prospect of dirty old dirt and having to spend all day Monday polishing his new ride, so it was agreed we would all beat him there and throw dirt at him on entry to make the washing worthwhile.  Our plan was doomed to failure because we all knew that none of us could beat him there. Leaving Trevor in Boorowa, we set off through Murringo, on to Young and Iandra Castle (Mount Oriel Homestead).

On entering the grounds, Andrew remarked to me that the demographic was just about right - in fact he boasted that he and I were probably the young’uns on the day. When we had a look at the stables, a gentleman with a walker said to me “I asked if there was anyone in there, and all I heard was neigh”. This proved to me that all old blokes are funny, even the ones we had come on the ride with. It was great to meet other like minded Ulyssians on the grounds from the Blue Mountains branch.

The castle exterior was magnificent - the expert tasked with restoring the property in the 1900’s was a pioneer of reinforced concrete work. The interior was amazing, with maids and servants quarters, fine dining rooms, a billiard room, beautiful ornate woodwork, stained glass windows, and a magnificent wooden staircase. There were also many other items proving the amount of foresight the owners had - filtered water for the house supply which was recycled from the roof run off, conduit for electric lighting throughout, a gas making plant, a 20 line switchboard which served the household, a septic tank the size of a two car garage, and a Crossley Gas Engine generating 110 volts of direct current to the main house, stables and cottages. 

Peppered about the grounds were bewildered small children asking their parents lots of questions about quaint things like toilets with chains you pulled from cisterns on the wall, hand pumps for water, the pianola and massive old radios the whole family sat around - imagine! There was also a couple in period dress with a Penny Farthing you could sit on for a photo - Daryl and I were both concerned that we wouldn’t be tall enough to ride.

We headed back to Young for some well earned lunch at the Wilders Bakery. After some discussion, we chose the same way home as Nat and Gary wanted to stop and witness the wonder of baby Clydesdale foals on the way, and those with other interests, like washing the remains of creamy yellow bugs off their bikes before they went hard, ploughed on to home.

Thoroughly enjoyable - thank you ride leaders !


CTX1300 - Ron Tito
F700GS - Kim Moorey
F800GS - Marilyn Starick
FJR1300 - Andrew Campbell
FJR1300 - David Robinson
GL1800 - Daryl Palin
GS1150 - Les and Julie Robinson
ST1300 - Chas Towie
ST1300 - Peter Arday
VFR1200 - Gary McCurley and Natalie TeBay
VT750C - Colin Wilson

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Club Ride To Goulburn's Green Grocer on 20 September 2015.

As the weather was warm and sunny with no wind it was a very good day for riding motor cycles.

After the ride briefing we headed off to Bungendore for morning tea then onto Tarago, Windellama,  Gundary Plains, and after grouping outside Goulburn we rode to the Green Grocer for lunch.

On completing a very nice lunch we rode to the nearby Caltex were some refueled their bikes.Then we rode out of Goulburn along the Gurrundah Road taking the Old South Road to Breadalbane.

After Breadalbane we rode along the old Hume Highway through the Cullerin Range to Gunning for afternoon tea.

Following afternoon tea we said our goodbyes and rode home.

The whole day was very enjoyable for the following two reasons:

1) non eventfull riding with an interesting mix of motor cycles while riding through beautiful Australian bush country side, rolling green farm land dotted with cattle, sheep, horses including a number of very cute calves, lambs and foals;

2) great conversations with very nice fellow riders over cups of coffee, tea and lunch.

While everyone who attended the ride made the day most enjoyable, I would like to thank Peter for his contribution to the day.


The riders were:

  • Garry McCurley & Natalie TeBay - Honda VFR1200,
  • Andrea Lanagan - Suzuki Boulevard,
  • Peter Arday - Honda ST1300A,
  • Mick & Kipper Beltrame - Victory XC,
  • Mark Morey - Triumph Bonneville,
  • Andrew Campbell - Yamaha FJR1300,
  • Mark Mitchell - Honda VFR800, 
  • Les Brown - BMW 1150GS,
  • David Johnson - BMW F700.

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 27 Sept

Simon Whittaker gave a quick presentation at this months branch meeting. 

His news:
"On Sunday the 27th of September, we are going to don our finest threads and motor along in the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to help find a cure for prostate cancer. Why? Because over 1,300 men a day die of prostate cancer worldwide, and that’s something we aim to stop. Your donation will help The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride reach its goal of $US3 million to fund research into a cure for a disease that claims far too many gentlemen each and every year."

So if you aren't riding to Landra Castle and you aren't Decide and Riding why not don your tweed ( known far and wide for its safety values (note:liberty with truth taken here)), perhaps a monocle, a pipe (unlit of course) open face helmet and goggles and get along to a well dressed ride against prostate cancer. 

Ride details are provided after registering....

Monday, September 21, 2015

Call for volunteers for a BBQ 26 Sept

Jen Woods has been contacted by Andrew Barber from CMC seeking a club to provide BBQ support for a Suzuki Ride Day - so if we can get a few more people it means that the BBQ volunteers might be able to volunteer for a test ride as well..the old many hands principle!

Jen's minimum crew is 4 people for two shifts – 8 to 12.00 and 12.00 to 3.00. (that includes set up and clean up). More means that the volunteers get a break, maybe a test ride and the joy of volunteering is a shared joy!!
If you can help please contact Jen on 0448 336 111 or

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ride to Young 6th September 2015

The day started out somewhat overcast as we met at Caltex Nicholls but there’s no disguising the fact that Spring’s approaching. The light’s changing and the blossoms are blooming.

Ride briefing over, we settled at a ‘not too fast but not too slow’ sort of pace up the Barton Highway headed for our morning tea stop at the Rollonin CafĂ© in Bowning. Being old and infirmed, most (if not all) of us parked over the road from the cafĂ© avoiding the sloping gravel car-park like the plague.

We settled down to coffees and teas with some members electing for a morning snack (adorned with a litre of spray-on cream) and it was here that Marilyn joined us resplendent in her new motorcycle ‘onesie’.

Coffees/teas and snacks consumed, we mounted up and headed for the Burley Griffin Way, after which we turned off through Galong, onto the Kalangan Road, right onto the Boorowa-Harden Road, and then a quick left onto the Moppity Road. Some beautiful scenery around here as we rode some ridgelines, with green paddocks, canola fields, and new lambs to keep us entertained.

Arriving in Young, we all headed to Wilders Bakery for lunch. For the gastronomes out there, I had the Steak and Kidney Pie, which was very pleasant. 

A quick trip up to the main petrol station and then an onward journey home via Kingsvale Road and Harden rounded off a very pleasant and relaxed day.

Thanks to all who came and shared their company.


The Crew:

  • Andrew Campbell                               Yamaha FJR1300
  • Gary McCurley and Natalie TeBay          Honda VFR1200
  • Mick Beltrame and Kipper                    Victory XC
  • Mark Mitchell                                     Honda VFR800
  • Darryl Cullen                                     Suzuki GSX1250S Bandit
  • Glen Jones                                        Moto Guzzi California Custom
  • Gary Thomas                                     Suzuki DL650 V-Strom
  • George Attard                                   Triumph ST1050
  • Marilyn Starick                                   BMW R1200RT
  • Sandy Fisk                                        Honda Deauville
  • Ian Cuthbert                                     BMW R1200RT

Monday, August 24, 2015

Woodstock 23 August 2015

Well the long range forecast was not looking so great for Sundays ride but not to give in twelve intrepid members braved the elements and arrived at Nicholls Servo. Weather was overcast but no rain and Derek used his Ipad to look at the radar screen showing it passing through but not directly over us at that point.

Chas gave a ride brief of where, when and how we were to venture out for the day so first up it was off to Boorawa for morning tea. Leaving Yass hitting the Boorawa road and Huey decided to give us a little sprinkling just to let us know what we might expect during the day. Morning tea was welcomed with a hot beverage and some delightful cakes etc. An elderly farmer came up and wanted to know about Dereks Spyder so I gave him a little overview and he was so impressed that after getting in his car up the road he made sure he came and stopped at Dereks machine so that he could show his wife. Maybe we might have a convert to a Spyder.

Morning tea over it was off again to Wyangla Dam via Frogmore. Along this short section we were blessed with the local council updating some road works. Yep you guessed it gravel rather slippery and the 40K indicator was a good reason to take caution. A short stop at the top of the dam wall  here we discovered just how much mud was on the roadwork area that decided to get a free lift on all of our bikes, the picture of Dereks Spyder confirms this. It was good to see that the water level had increased since our last visit. There were no boats on the water but Darryl spotted a whale not sure if it was a Humpback or Sperm. 
Now it was off over the ridge to Woodstock approximately 30k with some nice twistys added just for some fun, due to the wet road conditions it was caution as usual. We arrived in Woodstock just after a Vintage car club and so we were at the back of the line for Lunch. The kindly gent looking after the kitchen advised us that he had a limited menu but would do his best to accommodate us. During lunch looking out the window was only to reveal rain and some more rain. Oh well that's how it goes.

We had a conference as to which way we would travel home and it was decided to head off to Cowra as the most direct safe route with a refuel. However one servo on the left of town was now closed so we headed off over the bridge to the next one only to be told by the attendant that she had lost power to all her pumps but there was a BP just up the road. After this stop is was decided that with a full tank of fuel we would just hit the road and head straight for home.

The countryside was looking good with farmers who planted a winter crop were now seeing the great results. Canola was starting to sprout heads and other grain crops were very lush and green which is great to see for the man on the land.

The company was great, the laughter abundant and most enjoyable. Thanks to all who came along for a great ride. Ride safe one and all.

Cheers Chas
Spyder Mud

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuross Head One Tree Poker Run - 31st October

Annette from Tuross Head Country Club has written to advise of the annual Tuross Head One Tree Poker Run. to be held on the 31st October this year.  Annette has said that Graham Wells, the Secretary of the Eurobodalla Branch Ulysses Club, registered to ride in the Tuross Head Poker Run & wanted to make sure Canberra Branch had been invited ( Thanks Graham).

Annett has also said that she has local Tuross Head accommodation details if any of our members need them (

For more information on the Tuross Head One Tree Poker Run visit

Tidbinbilla Tracking Station and Moon Rock Café - 16 August 2015

A mix of usual suspects and newbies met at the Hume petrol station before setting off on a short run to Tidbinbilla Tracking Station. With bright, end of winter light and almost a hint of spring in the air we meandered along passing Lanyon Homestead and then going over the delightful Tharwa Bridge. 

The pace picked up a little just after the Tharwa General Store as we navigated along the road towards Tidbinbilla. Care needed to be taken though as we shared the road with many push bike enthusiasts, some of whom seemed to look longingly at us as we cruised past with ease while they huffed and puffed. What does make middle aged people don lycra instead of leather? I digress.
Emus, sheep, cows and kangaroos were all a cheery sight as we made our way further along to our destination at the Moon Rock Café. One stray sheep caused a little concern en route with its determination that the grass was greener on the other side, but Andrea was on call and alerted us to it, so all was well.

With our phones dutifully turned off so as not to interrupt ET phoning home we settled in to what seems to be the main game for some of these rides, the food and coffee!

All the dishes were an amazing sight! The big white ones provided a dramatic backdrop to our gathering on the deck as they changed their angles seeking input from the last frontier. Then the smaller dishes heavily laden with toasties, sausage rolls and cakes arrived and clearly put stars in the eyes of some Ulyssians. The galaxy sized slice of chocolate cake, that was as dark as outer space, had its owner the envy of all!

Enough of the food and ‘onto’ the bikes, and among our astronaut crew craft was a Spacy 250. Was that spooky given our venue? A Harley Davidson added a nice soundtrack to our adventure and Marilyn showed up at the last minute on her Ducati to provide a touch of Italian class. As a recent convert to the joys of Japanese technology please forgive me for only showcasing what whets my appetite but I'm afraid my heart still skips a beat within sight of a half decent easy rider and who doesn't love an Italian. Oops digressing again!

It was a very pleasant although brief space odyssey and I believe some kicked on for more refreshments elsewhere. Others wanted to go to infinity and beyond but only got as far as Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station, although it was via a few very nice corners!

As with all the Ulysses rides the company was excellent, the journey interesting, the bikes fun and there was plenty of good food and coffee.

Nat ‘Pillion’ TeBay

Riders and pillions were


Sunday, August 16, 2015

BBQ for the anniversary of the 2005 AGM hosted by Canberra Branch

On Saturday 15th August 2015 the branch held a free BBQ for all our members at Telopea Park to celebrate the ten years since the Canberra Branch was the Host Branch for the AGM event in 2005.

Here's a snap of the organising team:

Pic Jen Towie

and some of the branch membership from 2005:

Pic Jen Towie
Pic Jen Towie

and out of sight (but sprinkled through the crowd in the panorama below) were yet more branch members who have joined us since then:

Apologies to those out of shot on the right - the photographer didn't quite get it right!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Passion for Italy - 30August, @ Three Seeds, Fyshwick Markets

Marilyn has sent in this flyer which should interest everyone interested in Ducati and all things Italian!

And what a fine Ducati single in the flyer !!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BBQ at Talopea Park - Sat 15 Aug 15 to celebrate ten years since Canberra AGM

Just a reminder about our free BBQ for all our members at Telopea Park this Saturday 15th August 2015 - as we celebrate the ten years since the Canberra Branch was the Host Branch for the AGM event in 2005.


Even if you weren't involved in the 2005 AGM Event, please come along as everyone is welcome. I wasn't even a Ulyssian back in 2005, but I'll be at the BBQ.

Mick Winters

"What better way to spend Saturday than getting together with fellow Ulysses Club members at Telopea Park for a BBQ. Drag out the 2005 AGM Tee shirts, the 2005 AGM jumpers and bring along your memorabilia from the 2005 AGM event, because its been 10 years and we should mark the anniversary.  The weathers going to be good and the friendship is always terrific. We'll supply the meat, onions and bread, please bring your own drinks, and if you want, a dessert or salad to share."

Jen Woods

Saturday, August 8, 2015

WalltoWallRide for Remembrance on 12 September 2015

Reminder for this year’s WalltoWallRide for Remembrance on 12 September 2015 with ACT Regional Morning service (9am) and ride to NSWPF ACADEMY GOULBURN.

To register goto

The afternoon National Ride starts at EPIC 3pm down green light Corridor Northbourne - Parliament House and Kings Avenue to NPM for 4pm Service.


>>Flyer for ACT<<