Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ride to Moruya – 20th August 2017

It was a nice change to have the ride leave from the Bungendore Woodworks - the weather was cool but with the promise of warmer temperatures on the coast. 

Before starting off the group gathered for the ride briefing discussing the need to ride responsibly keeping within our abilities and to look after each other.  

Meanwhile, the Ulysses retrieval vehicle with Tracey at the control was sent out to help a broken down scooter that had failed to arrive at the ride starting point. Its rider was safely conveyed back home to collect car and trailer to recover the scooter.  

The Braidwood to the Bay leg involved traveling in a steady flow except for the occasional hold up with slower vehicles such as horse floats. Due to the increased policing on the Kings Highway we rode carefully towards our first coffee stop at Nelligen, where our group enjoyed the peace of the river while waiting for our food and caffeine hits.

We continued after the short break weaving our way down the road towards the Adelaide Hotel at Moruya. The rising temperature was adding to the enjoyment of a lovely stretch of road with a great selection of curves dotted along the way. 

We rode into the carpark at the rear of the Adelaide walking into the hotel to find our table reserved for us. Anticipating what was on today’s menu we started off with cold drinks to cool us down while listening to the diverse conversations, tales tall and true, over our lunch break.  

 We traveled back to Mogo via the coast road to stop and take in the sea breeze and check out the wild life from a coastal lookout. 

As usual for a Sunday we did encounter a great number of people traveling west with us, slowing the ride back to Braidwood. We stopped off at Braidwood to have a rest and a drink, saying our "au revoirs" before continuing on. Our journey from Braidwood to home was a less stressful ride as the slower vehicles were spaced out making it easier for the traffic to travel at a good pace.

Once again we had a great day out with fine food and friends - we hope to see more of you on our next ride. 



  • Mike Kelly                   R1200RS
  • Neil Goldfinch              GSX 1300RA
  • Steve Hayes                V Strom 650
  • Dieter Walter               Ducati Multistrada 950
  • David Dawson             1200 GS
  • Stephen Dably             1090 Brutale MV
  • Garry Mc Curley           VRF 1200
  • Natalie TeBay               pillion
  • Chris Dietzel                GTR1400
  • Kris Jirasek                  GSX 1300
  • Michael Winters           Triumph Trophy
  • Kim Nichols                 Triumph Tiger 1050
  • Carolyn Hutton             Ducati 899
  • Shaun Bennetts            R1200GSA
  • Gary McDonald             Honda Scooter (nonstarter)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Canberra Branch XMAS Party 2017

This years Xmas Party will be held after the Annual Toy Run from mid afternoon until late. (9 December)

Dinner will be served at 6pm.

Buffet dinner done by Capital Roast

Location: Old Do Duck Inn, 23 Old Hume Hwy, Gunning
Cost: $40 per person
Payable by Tuesday 21st November, 2017

Accommodation available at Motel Gunning: http://www.motelgunning.com.au/
or Telegraph Hotel: http://telegraphhotelgunning.com/

Dont forget your "Secret Santa" gift up to $15 value

Facebook link

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ride Report Woodstock 6 August 2017

This was an interesting ride, partly because of the fun roads and expansive views but also because of a couple of brushes we had with modern technology that showed us how much things have advanced in recent years and how, sometimes, it’s all a bit baffling for we ordinary punters.

But more on that later. When I arrived at the Gold Creek servo at 9:20am (yes, I was late for my own ride briefing), there was nobody there. Sure, the weather forecast had been a bit dodgy but the morning was bright and sunny, not that cold, with only a light breeze. My first thought was: did the ride actually start at 9:00am and had everyone already left without me? But I had checked the details on the blog the night before so that was unlikely.

But then a tall, lanky stranger ambled over and introduced himself as André and said he had come along to see what Ulysses was like. As André ambled back to get his bike, Vidas pulled in and gave his Harley a drink. And there was a text message from Gary Mac promising to catch up with us in Boorowa or Woodstock. So I wouldn’t be Robinson Crusoe after all. 

First, we assigned roles – I would be ride leader and corner marker, Vidas tail-end Charlie and André would go in the middle. Then we hit the road, just a few minutes after the advertised departure time.
The first leg, to Boorowa, was a joy, with little traffic and sunshine that slowly gathered in strength. But it was a the Superb Café that we had our first encounter with modern technology and industrial design.

André ordered a sausage roll and sauce with his coffee. He’s an IT guru with a Significant Government Department and probably has a university degree but he seemed a little baffled when it came to getting the sauce out of the little plastic container (the one with two compartments that you squeeze together as you point it downwards onto your food). Tentatively he examined it, turning it in his fingers till finally he was holding it upside-down. Then he squeezed it and surprise! sauce sprayed up in the air and all over the table. A couple of drops even made it to my jumper, but not enough that it was worth wringing it out over my pie. 

After we all stopped laughing, André went to fuel up (his bike only has a 12L tank and was down to half empty – or should that be half full?) while Vidas and I swapped tales about delinquent daughters. 
We left Boorowa right on the dot of 11:something-or-other and headed out on the Crookwell road till we turned north on the Frogmore road. The countryside was already starting to green up after some rain in the previous week. The creeks and dams all had water in them, crops and pastures were sprouting and there were newborn lambs in the paddocks. The first part of the road didn’t have the best surface but by Frogmore it was wide and relatively smooth as it followed the valley of Hovells Creek down to the Cowra–Wyangala road.

We regrouped at this T-junction, turning right and riding through a short, winding section through steep hillsides peppered with granite outcrops and boulders till we crossed the Lachlan River downstream from Wyangala Dam and passed through the little village of Wyangala. Then we were on Reg Hailstone Way, which is a happy wonderland of steep climbs and descents, tight winding corners and wide, fast sweepers with spectacular views as the road twists along the top of a high ridgeline. By the time we got to Woodstock and pulled up outside the Royal Hotel at about 12:30pm we were very happy chappies indeed.

We populated a table right in front of the fire in the dining room and ordered steak sangers, burgers and chips. As I paid for mine, I came face-to-face with a technological wonder that I had never experienced before. I paid with a credit card, tapping on a device that looked like an iPad. The young lady at the cash register asked if I would like a receipt. “Yes please,” I replied, for I am always polite. 

“Would you like it emailed or texted?” she asked. Taken aback and a bit baffled, I opted for a text message and waited for her to ask for my mobile number. “I already have it,” she said. “It’s right here on the screen.”

“You’re in the big smoke now!” Vidas laughed, as I expressed amazement. Truly, I never knew this was possible. No doubt that little machine knew my email address too and possibly even the Goldwing’s odometer reading. 

As we scoffed our tucker, Gary Mac walked in, boosting our merry numbers by 33.3%. I think he paid cash for his lunch so he didn’t get to witness Woodstock’s technological wizardry. (On the other hand, those of us who are with Telstra had no mobile phone service.)

At the Royal Hotel, Woodstock. That’s André with the fire between his thighs.
 I got home at 4:30pm, as the sky was darkening and the wind was picking up, but an hour before the rain started. Perfect timing. As I greeted the bride she asked, “What did you spend $12 on at the Royal Hotel in Woodstock?”. The oh-so-smart system had texted the receipt to Sally’s mobile instead of mine. Take that as a warning, peoples.

Ian Paterson        GL1800
André Swenson    Ninja 650R
Vidas Sadauskas    Street Glide
Gary McDonald    BMW R100S

Ian Paterson

The Royal Hotel even has its own bus. No need to ride to Woodstock!

Fleet at rest


Andrea has written to the President and Committee and presumably ourselves to advise us about an upcoming Long Ride event - the details are below:

 Dear President and Committee

I am writing on behalf of this years’ “Long Ride” participants who are putting on a “Show and Shine” to:

  •     Raise funds for Prostate Cancer Research
  •     Raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health
The event will be held on Friday 22nd September 2017 at Blamey Square – Russell Offices, Canberra, ACT from 9am – 1.30pm.
The Chief of Defence Force will be in attendance to judge the best bikes on display and to award the prizes.
So far, we have confirmed that one prize will be a $200 gift voucher for either Autobarn or Repco.

We will also be selling our raffle tickets which also has some great prizes up for grabs including:

  • Hisense 55” HiDef TV ($1699)
  • Hisense 435L Fridge ($1099)
  • MONT tent and Sleeping Bag ($1089)
  • Air Force Balloon Flight ($760)
  • 2 x MotoDNA Training Days ($450ea)
  • Green Machine Adventure Flight ($350)
  • Pirreli Motorcycle Tyre Voucher ($300)
  • HELD Air and Dry Gloves ($300).
There will also be local motorcycle retailers with a selection of their bikes/gear and other associated motorcycle, defence and military displays.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to your members to participate and show their bikes.
I have included our flyer to use in newsletters, displays and posting to social media and a Facebook link to the Event.

Long Ride 2017 Show & Shine

I look forward to meeting with your members and seeing their bikes on display at the Show and Shine.
For any further questions, please contact either myself, or Dion Isaacson on dion.isaacson@defence.gov.au.

Andrea Lanagan
0421 901 960

Saturday, August 5, 2017

20th Golden Dragon Rally (Central Vic Branch)

Central Vic Branch have sent out a flyer to let us know that they are having their 20th Golden Dragon Rally (to be held over 3 days) at Tarnagulla Recreation Reserve, as it has for nearly 15 years.

They offer better than paddock camping facilities – Lions club food and beverages-  on site showers and toilets – plenty to see and do on the Grand Finals weekend.

All the details are in the flyer. (see below)

Campervans and caravans are welcome for those unable to make the trip on bikes.

and download the flyer >>HERE<<