Monday, May 23, 2016

Grenfell Ride – 22 May 2016

I was fortunate enough to have recently enjoyed a brilliant midweek ride doing the Boorowa to Crookwell loop in blue skies and temps of low to mid-twenties while Canberra was submerged in thick fog for much of the morning. 
I must admit to being paranoid in subsequent days following the weather forecasts at every opportunity to see if our luck would hold for the Sunday ride to Grenfell. Fortunately it did and we had similar temps, being able to ride in a vented jacket in comfort.

I arrived at the departure point some 25 minutes prior to the departure time to see 6 riders had already arrived with another 8 arriving shortly after. Maybe it was the thought this may well be the last warm/dry day till we get to the other side of winter. 

Following a brief description of the ride we headed for the Terracotta at Murrumburrah for morning tea as the roadworks on the Boorowa Road can best described as diabolical. Our safety is certainly not their concern.

Pete and Brian thoughtless to a fault headed off ahead of us as wood ducks but failed miserably as the highway patrol was sitting off the road in wait for those who chose to abuse common sense on the Barton Highway. 

We arrived at the Terracotta to see them relaxing in the sun. We had to wait longer than usual as our group proved a little large for the barista and it took some time for all to get their caffeine hit. Again they did not let us down with great coffee and tasty morsels. 

After this we took my favourite route which starts with the Currawong Road opposite the Terracotta and provides a great series of open sweepers and country vistas. All navigated this and the run through Young and onto the Henry Lawson Way. Although being a highway this final stage has enough character to keep the brain engaged.

We arrived on schedule at the Albion Hotel in Grenfell with those needing fuel getting it before having lunch. I think we may have found the hotel short staffed as it was possibly the longest I have waited for food in the 15 or so years I have been going to the hotel for a Sunday lunch. While the wait was longer than intended, the food I had hit the spot and I heard no complaints regarding the quality of the meals provided. 

With a Canberra ETA of 4pm in mind we headed off as per our schedule.
We took the route down Henry Lawson Way for about 20 kms then turned onto the Tywong Hall Road to Iandra castle, which is a spectacular site in the country side. We then continued down Iandra Road into Young where we refuelled, before heading off down the Moppity Road. 

Just when I thought Mother Nature had forgiven my past transgressions I was confronted with a kangaroo hopping down the centre line in the same
direction as us on the Moppity Road, albeit at a much slower pace. I could do nothing to encourage him to go bush …. On went the hazard lights to warn those behind me as we continued to slow the pace and follow skippy for about 1 km before he decided I was not going away and he headed into the bush. 

We then continued on through Galong and to Canberra. We hit Canberra a few minutes after 4pm with blue skies and warmth, which will unfortunately fade from our memories as winter hits and our clothing gets thicker and fingers numb as we enjoy our rides. Traffic was very light all day and even the Barton was flowing at the legal limit in both directions.

Thanks to everyone who came as we all contribute to its success and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.



  • Peter Arday ST1300 
  • Brian Aigus ST1100
  • Robert McNeilly VFR800 
  • Gary Thomas R1200R
  • Neil Goldfinch GSXR1300 (Hayabusa how I miss it) 
  • Ian Paterson GL1800
  • Mick Beltrane Victory XC (without Kipper) 
  • David Formica ZX14R
  • Mark Morby Bonneville 
  • Trevor McLeod FJR1300
  • Chas Towie ST1300 
  • Jill Fleming BMW700GS
  • Les and Julie Robinson 
  • Derek Tetheradge Spyder
  • Daryl C Palin GL 1800

Monday, May 16, 2016

Chomp and Chat Sunday 14 May FourWinds Winery Murrumbateman

A loverly autumn morning saw 17 bikes with 4 pillions assemble at Watson. It was good to see several visitors/potential new members join us. 

After a short ride through the country side we arrived at the FourWinds winery where our hosts had set us up outside in the warming sun.

A lovely lunch of woodfired pizza washed down with your choice of the wines
available and our tyical lunch time story telling - a great day was had by all.

Don't worry if you missed this ride or you would like to do it again, the ride
committee has scheduled another visit on Sunday 16 October.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the day another memorable one in our Ulysses's lives.

Ride Safe..


  • Darryl & Caroline Palin GL1800 Gary McCurley & Natalie Te Bay VFR1200
  • Rick Costan Mick C VStrom
  • Adam Fraser GSXR750 Mic & Kipper VictoryXC
  • Don K1200LT James Ninja300
  • Colin VT750 Vida & Narelle HD
  • Mark Mitchel VFR800 Trevor McLeod FJR1300
  • Genelle Mills Bonnerville Peter Arday ST1300
  • Andrew Campbell FJR1300 Melissa Davis Honda750
  • Kim Moorey F700GS
  • And Chasie and Jen arrived 15 mins after us in the tin top to join in the festivities :-)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Invitation to CMC Victory/Indian Open Day - 7 May


Victory & Indian Open Day

We are inviteed to the CMC Victory & Indian Open Day! 
With 12+ demonstrators available to test ride, giveaways, discounted pricing and more! 
Bookings are essential so give CMC a call on (02) 6280 4491 or email (see below).
Email us to book a test ride!

Baffles Cafe is now open-

Coffee and snacks now available in store at Baffles Cafe.