Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yass Ride Report Saturday 25th July 2015

The sun streamed through my window enticing me out of bed with the decision that riding to Yass to the “Xmas in July” party was definitely going to happen.

Stunt riders couldn’t have planned our ride better, with perfect timing and in unison coming off the GDE came Kim, Ron and Mark to join me on the Barton Hwy for the final path to the Nicholls Service Station.

We fuelled up and joined Al & Lyn Munday and Tracey & Mick Winters, who due to “ill health” decided to all join the Yass ride as “drivers”.

While waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive, the 8 of us decided to partake in beverages from Maccas. So we stood around and chatted for a while,…….and then a bit longer,………and then some more, while “the rest of ‘em” arrived.
However, “the rest of ‘em”, never arrived. So, a little before 1100hrs we set off for Gunning to have lunch at “The Old Hume CafĂ©”.

After a leisurely light lunch – preferring to save our appetites for our impending dinner that night, we departed Gunning. Fighting the wind and willing the rain to stay away, we went on our way to Yass arriving a little after 1400hrs.



  • Andrea Lanagan – Suzuki Boulevard
  • Kim Moorey  - BMW F700GS
  • Ron Tito – Honda CTX1300
  • Mark Mitchell - Honda VRF800
  • Allan & Lyn Munday – Lead Car & Navigator
  • Michael & Tracey Winters – Support Vehicle/Tail End Charlie.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Chomp’n Chat Bookham 19 July 2015

It was a typical chilly but sunny July day in Canberra when we met up at the Nicholls Servo. Surprise - no fog ! A distinct lack of lady pillions was evident, except for one lazy slacker with numerous motorcycles that chose not to choose from any of hers and chose the back of her partners bike as a pillion instead.

Andrea arrived on her new bling machine complete with pink pinstripes and her name on the tank. The pink number plate “NRS-33” had lots of cries of “nurse” ringing out among the blokes.

We cruised along the highway to the Bowning turnoff, rode past many fine examples of Ma and Pa Kettles house (if you don’t know who they are, google it). The road narrowed off and the sheep looked a tad feral, but we all made it safely across the highway to the warm and welcoming Barneys of Bookham. 

Lots of old man (and lady) stories ensued, with Ian regaling us with a tale of the proctologists office that somehow involved a small three legged seat from Ikea. Those on the other table discussed the virtues of old fashioned mobile phones with big keys that were just phones and didn’t have all the confusing new fangled stuff like GPS and Apps. Andrew told us about he and Catherine’s recent European adventure, and enlightened us with the fact that there was enough sausage on the menu to keep him going for a lifetime. 

As we were leaving, Derek and Margaret tried to run us all over with a display of monster truck madness - but it soon became apparent that that is how Derek usually parks.

Mick and another rider headed off for a longer adventure, and the rest of us made our way home along the highway. A spectacular day, a short and uneventful ride, a sunny spot to sit at our destination with the hot drink of your choice in your hand - all shared with a great bunch of riders.

An excellent way to spend a Sunday.

Kim Moorey


  • Ian Paterson Honda GL1800
  • Rick Costan Ducati ST4S
  • Garry McCurley Honda VFR1200
  • Darryl Cullen Suzuki 1250 Bandit
  • Mick Beltrame Victory XC
  • Rob Jones Suzuki Bandit 1150
  • Andrea Lanagan Suzuki Boulevard
  • Ron Tito and Kim Moorey Honda CTX1300
  • Mark Mitchell Honda VFR800
  • Andrew Campbell Honda GL1800

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bribbabree ride - 5 July

With a forecast temperature of minus 5, I didn’t think there would be a very big rollup for the ride. Lyn had already decided that her sock drawer needed cleaning out and was not going to come on the ride.

15 minutes before the schedule departure time there were 6 hardy souls nearly ready to leave in the thick fog.

However, Garry and Natalie McStaight and Darryl McCullerain (names changed to protect their identity) remembered they had forgotten they had other appointments for the day.The 3 riders remaining departed at 9am with the temperate showing on the dashboard at minus 2 and still thick wet fog.

As we travelled past Murrumbateman, I noticed that the water droplets from the fog were not flicking off the screen and onto the visor. I assumed the fog was getting thinner until a closer inspection revealed that the water had frozen on the screen and mirrors.

Arriving at the Burley Griffin Way turn off on the Hume Highway, the fog was still as thick as it was in Canberra and the temp was still minus 2. Just as I thought the fog would be with us until at least Harden, within 5 klms it was sunny and the temp was up to 4 degrees.

A usual stop for coffee and comfort stop at Murrumburrah. The weather was still sunny and a pleasant ride through Kingsvale and Young, arriving at Bribbaree at about 11.45 with the pub not opening until 12 o’clock. We walked the length of the main street in about 5 minutes and checked out the truck wreckers. (A good place for spares to restore your old trucks)

Photo from the real estate sale of the Bribabree Pub - opportunity knocks?
 We had a pleasant meal on the verandah in the sun with the temperature at about 12 degrees.  A $10 standard hamburger with chips was great with cheese, pineapple, beetroot, lettuce and meat. Just imagine what the $12 burger was like with the lot!

We departed at 1 o’clock with a pleasant run to Grenfell then onto Cowra for a refuel. Darryl suggested we go home via Darby Falls and Frogmore through to Boorowa and he led the way home.
I arrived home about 4.30 and after a cold and foggy start it was a great ride.

Alan Munday

  • Alan Munday  Ride Leader  Yamaha FJR 1300
  • Darryl Pallin    Honda Goldwing
  • Sandy Fisk   Honda Dauville