Monday, December 2, 2013

Terribly British Day - 1 Dec

Unable to head down to the coast with the brethren I thought I'd check out
I could go touring in style!
the Terribly British Day Canberra. Hidden mostly under the trees and in shade on the Patrick White lawns behind the National  Library of Australia I found instead of leather bound books and dusty tomes a pretty fair assortment of fine British machinery from MBG's to Jags, Rovers, Rileys and Land Rovers.

I wisely left my Bavarian two wheeler near the entrance and proceeded on foot. 

There were many bright and shiny things and despite being somewhat distracted I still spotted friends and acquaintances from the Branch reminiscing over past good times.

Eventually I found the motorcycle section. I may have been a little late as a few exhibits were under way. Nevertheless there were good examples of old and new. Amongst them were Arials, BSA's, Triumphs and a Norton.
Where's my oily rag!

One classic and unrestored example even had a suitably utilitarian Land Rover of suitable vintage to transport it! Oh for an oily rag!

Congrats to the organisers the Jaguar Driver Club (and yes there were many fine examples of the Jags as well)

All in all it was positively spiffing!

Gary Mac

Valenced mudguards - it says automobile!

A recently restored BSA and a modern Triumph Thruxton

Too late to drool over - but this Norton sounded most fine!

I likes it I does

Old and new made for some interesting comparisons

An Empire Star 350!