Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sun 19th Jan – Chomp & Chat and Rusty Riders to Jugiong (Long Track Pantry)

The "in" crowd

Riders gathered at Nicholls hoping for some relief from the 40 degrees heat from the previous few days.
After some discussion Ian Patterson was appointed ride leader and we headed of to Harden's Terra Cota cafe.
By the time we got there it had started to warm up and we lingered over various refreshments for some time.
It was now getting close to lunch so it was off to the Long Trek cafe at Jugiong. Due to the heat and time the option of the most direct route was taken.
We arrived to find the cafe both busy and crowded, however we found a table under the veranda to accommodate all of us.
The "out" crowd
The service and speed that  our food was served should be the benchmark that many like venues should strive for.
After the usual discussions on how to solve the worlds problems by mid afternoon most had headed for home.
Thank you Michael & Ian for running the ride and despite the heat a great day was had by all.

Richard Hay

  • Gary & Nicole Dunne         Yamaha XT 1200z
  • Chris Dobel                         GTR 1400
  • Karen Clarke                       Yamaha Roadliner
  • Kerry Mulgue                     R100RT
  • Janet Mulgue                      AN 650
  • Steve Acford                       Guzzi V7
  • Ian Paterson                        GL 1800
  • Genelle Mills.                     Triumph Bonneville
  • Michael Winters                 Triumph Trophy
  • Gary McDonald                   BMW R100S
  • Kim Moorey                        BMW F700gs
  • Ron Tito                               Honda 650 Deauville
  • Richard Hay                        Triumph Explorer