Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ride report for Club Ride to Old Goulburn Brewery on 16 Feb 2014

Riders and Pillion:
  • Mick & Kipper - Victory XC
  • Garry McCurley - VFR1200
  • Trevor McLeod - FJR1300
  • Gary McDonald - R100 S
  • Peter Reid - M109 R.
The weather forecast for the weekend of 15 Feb 2014 to 16 Feb 2014 indicated that Saturday would be wet & Sunday had a chance of showers.
Bearing the above in mind when I got up on Sunday 16 Feb 2014 & it was bright sunshine with blue sky at Belconnen I thought great, "Ma Nature" has looked after us yet again.
However, what I did not know was that it was pouring rain over at Queanbeyan & down south.

Shortly after I arrived at Caltex EPIC, Kipper & Mick arrived.By now the blue sky was starting to cloud over a bit at EPIC.
Then my mobile telephone rang & it was Gary McDonald calling to ask if the ride was still on as it's pouring rain at Queanbeyan. I replied to Gary yes the ride is on, I'm at Caltex EPIC & there is blue sky on the north side with a few clouds starting to gather.
Gary then arrived followed by Peter & Trevor.

Before leaving for the day we had a safety talk & a run down on the day's ride, i.e from Caltex EPIC to Sutton Interchange, Gunning, Grabben Gullen, Range Road to Old Goulburn Brewery, after lunch Brisbane Grove Road to Braidwood Road, Currawang Road then onto Bungendore for afternoon tea, good-byes & home.

As we left Caltex EPIC the sky was getting cloudier & even a few spots of rain starting to fall.However, once we got out of Canberra the weather improved for the ride to Goulburn.

The ride to Goulburn past through a number of very picturesque areas & country side. After arriving in Goulburn & before going to the Brewery we fuelled the bikes.

On arrival at the Brewery we found a table outside in a very picturesque garden area & ordered or lunch which turned out to be very delicious.
The weather was starting to get threatening & we finish lunch just in time to beat the rain.After lunch some of us had a quick look around the Brewery, those that needed to put wet weather gear on & we headed towards Bungendore.

Just as we left the Brewery the rain started to fall very heavily for a short time, before it let up & started to fine up again.The ride onto Bungendore was enjoyable with only a bit of rain.

We stopped for afternoon tea at Bungendore including swapping stories about kangaroos before saying our good byes & heading home either via either Queanbeyan or Macs Reef Road.

Even with the rain, the ride was very enjoyable, worth while & I feel worth doing again in the near future.