Monday, June 13, 2016

Decide and Ride - Crookwell 12 June 2016

The day dawned as Canberra’s coldest morning so far in 2016 (a minimum of -2.8 degrees) with a heavy frost covering my suburb in the early hours. Still, as we know a frost is usually followed by a stunning day and today
did not disappoint. However, it was still only 6 degrees as I headed towards Watson to meet with the other 'decide and riders’ and along the way gave thanks for heated grips (and seat J)!

By just before 10.00 am there were 9 of us swapping social chit chat while enjoying the sunshine which was beaming down and increasing the prospects of a beautiful day by the minute. 

The chatting could have gone on for hours but Trevor stepped in and suggested that we ride to Crookwell. General murmurs of agreement were interjected by Andrew who put in a special request for a stop at Gunning so that he could thaw his fingers in light of the 'no heated grips' status of his ride. Much mirth followed from the 'I have heated grips' members of the group.

With the stops decided, Trevor suggested we head out along the highway and along Shingle Hill Way, then on to Gunning. So we set out along the said route and eventually all arrived at the Merino Cafe. Andrew quickly made for the hot water tap and with his fingers thawed, he was soon ready to join the pack for a much welcome coffee.

Gunning was also playing host to plenty of other bikers out enjoying the stunning winters day, including Gary and Nat to whom we gave a cheery wave as they headed out - here's hoping you had a great day too.

Suitably and variously charged with caffeine and chocolate we headed out to Crookwell with a non-direct route suggested by Trevor. Unfortunately, us last two riders missed a corner marker to go along Range and Kialla Roads and took the unintended route through Grabben Gullen. Our oversight was very clear when we rode into Crookwell from the opposite direction and there was some worry about whether the corner marker/s were still waiting, but they turned up soon after. My apologies to the marker/s and the inconvenience caused, however the easier run through Grabben Gullen was well suited to my skill level.

But all’s well that ends well and without much delay today's team of 9 were
reunited and we piled into (I think) Catherine’s Café and Bakery a well-earned lunch in a crowd of what seemed to be mainly locals enjoying the lovely weather out too. Thanks to the cafe staff for speedy and very courteous service. Pics attached of our eating expertise. Congratulations too to the Ulysseans ** who patiently kept the cafe door closed despite the best efforts of multiple other patrons to keep it ajar!

Lunch eaten and stories exchanged, we agreed to all take a direct route back to Canberra and each set off at our own pace. As the first to get away and the slowest rider today, I had the chance to reflect as each of the other riders passed on the pleasure that comes from sharing the journey with such a great group
Oh and for good measure (following the lead of those who have gone before) I have thrown in 2 pics from myrecent trip to Croatia – Slovenia – Italy, where I constantly longed to be riding instead of driving.

The windy road and view is typical of the Croatian coast – where many of you have ridden and enjoyed. And the mass motorbike parking is typical in Trieste, Italy where 2 wheelers are everywhere, as was the case in all other places I visited (except of course Venice).

Jenny Carlin


  • Trevor McLeod FJR1300 
  • Heine Apps R100RS
  • Robert Apps R100RS 
  • Sandy Fisk Triumph Speedmaster
  • Andrew Campbell 
  • ZX14R Robert M109RZ
  • David Dawson R1200GS 
  • Rick Costan Ducati
  • Jenny Carlin C600Sport
 ** I was very interested to read the Riding On Editor’s note regarding the correct spelling.
“I do not describe myself as a Ulyssian.
Why not? Because the only words I can think of that end with ‘ssian’ are Russian and hessian. Think about
how we say those two words and you will see that we are all Ulysseans.” Good work Gary. Ed.