Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Eden via the Imlay Road , 5 November 2017

The forecast for the day was not all that appealing for Canberra or the coast, never believe the forecasters, the weather for the day turned out to be great for riding.

The first leg down through Cooma to Nimitabel was taken at a moderate pace due to the Snowy Ride being on the same weekend and not trusting the local constabulary. Morno’s were taken at the bakery in Nimitabel then it was off to Bombala and onto one of the nicest pieces of road in the area.

Into Eden for fuel and then onto the wharf area for lunch. 

Unfortunately John’s BMW failed to proceed from the servo and he missed out on lunch; sorry John. John’s SO came down from Canberra to pick his dad up and take him home. John returned to Eden on Mon with the trailer to retrieve the recalcitrant BMW, turns out the battery had decided to throw in the towel.

After leaving John in Eden it was then on up the coast past Bega then up the Brown with a catch up and goodbyes at Polo Flat then on home.

A great days ride with good company, thank you to those who made the ride.



  • Darryl Palin                GL1800
  • David Dawson           R1200GS
  • Hartmut Kehm          R1200GS
  • Chas Towie                ST1300
  • Les Robinson             Triumph Trophy
  • John Mellor                R1200RT