Friday, December 15, 2017

Ride Report – Club ride: Jindabyne 26 November 2017

Sunday 26th November. Weather was promising to be somewhat inclement when a small group of riders (4) turned up at Caltex Hume. Destination: Jindabyne. 

Andrew was ride leader today. After telling lies for a bit waiting for potential late starters (after 10 minutes over the prescribed 9AM start, it was clear there were not any.), Andrew gave us a short and concise briefing – south to Polo Flat Road, Nimmitabel for coffee, and then turn right on Monaro Highway heading toward Bombala. Sound like a longer route? – yes, but better than the direct route to Jindabyne. “Do we need markers? – everyone know the way? What’s the name of that road to Delegate? – Old Snowy something?” Yes, we all know it. Excellent – be mindful along the road to Bombala – Genelle got booked there last week! 

OK, briefing had, and all along the Monaro south I was taking more and more glances toward Jindabyne, getting darker and darker – today being the first day I haven’t had the wet weather gear along – and everyone knows what that means!

The Snowy River Way is a great run, nice scenery all the way, and with the rain we’ve had and the purple-grey skies toward Jindabyne, it looked wonderful. On we went past the “Boco Rock Wind Farm” and then Dalgety – can’t quite remember, where the road gets a bit more curvy and narrow. Andrew a couple of clicks in front, then Kris, closely followed by me and Mick as tail end Charlie.

Just as we began climbing the range not far from Jindy, where it does get tighter, the rain began (light at first – but as we pulled in to the BP servo at Jindabyne it got a bit heavier). 

We made a bee line for the Jindabyne shopping centre and got some lunch – and sat in the courtyard where this photo was taken. Damn – Kris has lost her Visa card – but after a thorough search, lo and behold, it was found, just not in its usual spot. We’ve all had these days!

So it was take it easy on the way home as it was now raining quite steadily just as we left Jindabyne.

We all made our own way home under our own pace – but despite the conditions (damp, and without wet’s I thought it was quite muggy) I think we had a good day. The weather cleared somewhat and by the time I got home I
was totally dry. A pleasant day with some lessons reinforced along the way.

Thanks for the day Andrew, Kris and Mick.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all, and look forward to catching up for some more rides in 2018. Stay safe!

Chris Dietzel


  • Andrew Campbell (Yamaha FJR1300)
  • Chris Dietzel (Kawasaki GTR1400)
  • Kris Jirasek (Suzuki GSX1300R ‘busa)
  • Mick Beltrame (Victory XC)