Thursday, February 8, 2018

Club Ride to Bodalla - 4th February 2018

Alan was down to lead this ride.  Was I going to go, he asked?  Well, let’s see what the weather man has to say - 27° for Canberra and 24° for Bateman’s Bay.  That sounded pretty good to me, so I was in.  We thought we would have a pretty big crew lining up in Bungendore for this one with such a lovely day forecast, but I guess everyone was pretty busy getting ready to go back to school!!

A perfect opportunity for Mick and Tracey to go on a ride without travelling too far to get to the start, but alas, Mick was not up to it.  They did however, walk their dog down to greet us at the Caltex servo and wish us well for the ride.  Thanks guys.

St Pedro came to greet us as well, but would only ride as far as the turnoff to Tarago and then he headed home.  Great to see you out on the bike, Pete.

So the rest of us headed off down the Kings Highway toward Nelligen for our first stop.  The skies changed from blue to grey a number of times and the road was wet in many places going down the Clyde, but we didn’t see any rain ourselves.  We had a steady ride down on a front tyre that was due for replacement. They had reserved a table for us on the balcony at the River Café.  What a lovely spot, looking out over the river.  Coffee was great too.  Must stop there again, and again.

Morning tea at Nelligen

 From here, we made our way past the Bay and on to Bodalla.  We ordered our lunches (most menu items had cheese on them – funny about that) and were seated out the back on the upper deck at the Bodalla Dairy and were entertained with live music just below.  
Chris' lunch

 The discussion over lunch was centred around the best route home.  Some said once on the Clyde in a day was enough, others said there would be a lot of back to school traffic going home from the Bay.  We had plenty of time, so why not keep going south and back up the Brown Mtn.  So it was agreed.  All but one, who headed back up the way we came, while the rest went down.  Petrol was the next requirement.  We filled up in Cobargo and continued on our way.

Unfortunately, we were not even half way up the mountain when we got stuck behind an very slow car (not even a truck) and there being no opportunity to overtake on that road, we had to sit it out.  But not to worry, we got there just the same.  A rest stop and farewell at Polo Flat servo and we then made our way home.

Lots of “lollypop” cars everywhere to make sure everyone was behaving themselves and made it to their respective destinations safely.

It was a great day for a ride – we did 550 kms - and we had great company.  Thank you to those who joined us.



Alan & Lyn Munday    Yamaha FJR1300
Darryl Palin        Honda GL1800
Neil McRitchie        Kawasaki GTR1400
Neil Goldfinch        Suzuki  GSXR1300R
Peter Daniell        BMW GS1200A
Mick Beltrame        BMW RT1200GSLC
Chris Dietzel        Kawasaki GTR1400
Peter Arday        Honda 700 Deauville