Monday, April 30, 2018

Ride Report – ANZAC Day Temora 25 April 2018

This is the final year of the 100th Anniversary of the “Great War”; arguably, the period that forged the birth of this great Nation we live in. Whatever the day means to all of us, for our Branch it is our pleasure to be invited to attend the Temora ANZAC day march with our bikes, which we have done for longer than I have been a member. 

I personally have no ancestors that go back to that time, or were in the Australian military at all. But I, as an ex serving member of the Royal Australian Air Force that committed to 23 years of service, attend ANZAC ceremonies because I am always in awe of the sacrifices made by the many men and women of this nation who gave us the country we live in today. (Just think for a moment – along the small, northern part of the “Western Front” – across all sides of the conflict, military and civilian, in a region called Flanders (Belgium) during that time, approximately a quarter of a million people lost their lives; this area is no larger than greater Belconnen and Gungahlin combined). Where did I find this out? – In 2016 when I did my Europe trip. Horrific. If you haven’t visited any of the many Commonwealth War Graves over there, make it a point when you go to Europe. 

I arrived at Caltex Nicholls at 0715 for Peter Arday’s ride. Peter gave us the ride brief “Coffee in Murrumburrah, and don’t take too much time or we’ll leave you behind”. Ian added “and we are picking up Marilyn Starrick at the off ramp of the service centre at Yass”. The day was spectacular – not as cool as it usually is on this day. The ride was.... brisk. There was no Marilyn at Yass, but Marilyn and Steve met us at the cafe. As it was, when we had our coffee break we did take our time and nobody was left behind, making it with sufficient time to spare at Temora to assemble and take a couple of layers off (it was 25 degrees!) and put the service medals on. I made contact with the boss of the local constabulary, so as to ensure that it’s OK to ride without a lid on. His answer was “just don’t fall off in front of me”. That settled, and the ‘march’ began. A couple of minutes later, all done we parked our bikes for the service.
Marilyn: “Feel very honoured to have laid a wreath with Sally and Elly
on behalf of the Ulysses club Canberra, at the Temora ANZAC day
service. Beautiful country service and very well attended.”

 Marilyn and Sally did the honours and escorted the wreath to the dais, and we listed to the speeches by the local school kids and the invitational military officer for this year (Colonel someone, sorry, forgot. But one of our party – I think Vidas - said that he served with this Colonel’s father. Coincidence?).
After the Service, some of us chose to eat the Servicemans’ Club, while others chose to head home.

It was a great day, and thanks to all of you that were able to make the ride.

Sorry, photos are “MIA” – my phone died.

Chris Dietzel

  • Peter Arday (Honda NT700)
  • Mike Kelly (BMW R1200RT)
  • Darryl Cullen (Suzuki 1250S Bandit)
  • Vidas Sadauskas (H.D. Street Glide)
  • John Storn & Ellie (Yamaha FJR1300)
  • Kevin Sherman (Valkyrie)
  • Warren Richer (Honda VFR1200)
  • Trevor McLeod (Yamaha FJR1300)
  • John Barratt (BMW R1200GS)
  • Ian & Sally Paterson (Honda Goldwing)
  • Chris Dietzel (Kawasaki GTR1400)

And joining us at Murrumburrah:

  • Marilyn Starrick and Steve (Ducati and ‘uncertain’)