Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chomp and Chat - Tarago Sunday 17th July 2016

 Quite differently to our spate of soggy or frosty mornings over the past few weeks, Sunday 17th July dawned warmish (for a Canberra winter) and full of glorious sunshine. As I was heading off after 10 am I did wonder if my enthusiasm for trying out the thermals I had remembered were lurking in my cupboard and that I should try out would be misplaced. Yes, it was not the right to try them out and I cooked all day.

The 11am advertised time was interpreted differently by some of today's happy band of and at least there were several early arrivers who had each other to chat to while we wondered if anyone else was coming along. And yes, they were and by 11am there were 10 riders and one pillion ready for the ride briefing. Then we got the good and bad news.

The bad news was that our ride leader (who shall remain nameless but his first name starts with C and is not Chris) had sent his apologies (with a good excuse so he was quickly forgiven). Good news was that Ian stepped up and quickly put on his Delegation Hat. First, after making flattering comments about me handed me the list of riders and nominated me to write this report. Secondly, after a bit of discussion about the ride's possible speed and route (including a suggestion from Trevor of taking the non-direct to Tarago via the Doughboy turnoff (Goulburn Road) off the Kings Highway), he nominated Andrew as ride leader. To give Ian a bit of credit though, he did offer to be tail end Charlie which meant following me to Bungendore!

We set off up the Barton Highway to Macs Reef Road and on to Bungendore without incident and the pack headed out along the pre-agreed route while I took the direct route to Tarago and was then ready at the Loaded Dog Hotel to take pics as the ride pulled in. I heard that the highlight for the rest of the ride was passing and getting a wave from some of the returning (from Batemans Bay) Xmas in July revelers who I believe were heading home to recuperate after a very enjoyable weekend in the Bay’s sunshine.

Once we all arrived at the Loaded Dog Hotel a group pic was taken, and a separate pic of the photographer!

Rugged up and grinning

Andrew picks the best spot - fire and food!
Then we all piled into the pub, ordered drinks and what turned out to be humongous meals. Some of us took advantage of one of the several dining rooms with open fires roaring (a bit of overkill given the temp outside but the atmosphere was cosy) and enjoyed dining inside, while others took advantage of the balmy weather and ate outside in the sunshine (after shifting tables when they were ticked off and told that non-smokers must not sit at tables designated for smokers). A note here if you haven't been to the pub (Loaded Dog) before, the food and service was excellent, there is plenty of easy parking and the atmosphere with the open fires made makes it very worthy of a stop if you are passing.

 Ian, Mick and Tracey
After lunch and the usual round of chit chat we all prepared to depart. Ian mentioned that he was going to call in on our rehabilitating leader in Bungendore and I opted in for the detour. The others set off for home and I believe they all arrived safely. I followed Ian to Bungendore and after a short tour around other properties in Mick and Tracey's street, we arrived! It was good timing as Mick had returned from a leisurely wander from home up to the railway line. A thank you to Tracey for putting on a cuppa at short notice and to Mick for filling us in on his post-surgery recovery. After plenty of chit chat we departed Bungendore and my final leg home via Queanbeyan was event free.

Thanks as always to the other riders and Ulysses for another enjoyable ride.

Jenny Carlin

The Ride:
·         Ian Paterson GL 1800
·         Garry McCurley and Natalie TeBay VFR1200
·         Trevor Mcleod FSR 1300
·         John Barratt BMW R1200G
·         Darren Gledhill Ninja 1000
·         Andrew Campbell Zx14R
·         Gary Thomas R 1200R
·         David Leslie XWS 6504
·         Steve Hayes V-Strom 650
·         Jenny Carlin BMW C600 Sport