Friday, July 8, 2016

Slow Riding Skills Training Course, 8 August 2016

Interested in a Slow Riding Skills Course? President Mick has been arranging one for us with Stay Upright - details are in the copy of an email from Mick below:

"Hi Everyone

I am sending out this email to let everyone know that we are trying to organise a slow rider training course.

The course will be run on the 8th August at the Stay Upright training area in Queanbeyan.

How to ride a motorcycle slowly and to use strategies and techniques that will increase safety, confidence and enjoyment.

I am sorry I will miss out on this rider training because I wanted to do it to make me more confident at controlled slow riding. After my knee started to affect my confidence I found I was having trouble with slow speed maneuvering.  As we get older we need to get smarter to keep our confidence at a higher level.

That is why training, looking at different ways and re-evaluating the way we do everything will make us better prepared for the future.  I think if we can be honest with ourselves we will become stronger if we have a think about what we do and ask for help more often. We’ve already had much interest in this course so all I can say is don’t hesitate as this is the best way to start being a more confident rider - I just wish I could be there with you.

We have organised the course for the 8th August 2016 starting at 8.30am in the morning and finishing at 12.30pm.

There will be one trainer for each group of six riders and it will be held at the STAY UPRIGHT rider training course in Queanbeyan.

The cost will be $150.00 or if we can get more than 15 riders it will drop down to $130.00 per rider. So ask your mates to come along. We need to confirm numbers and organise payment to STAY UPRIGHT before the course.  Please email me by 20th of July to confirm your spot at

I will be providing further course and payment information to those that have RSVP’d at a later date.