Sunday, July 17, 2016

Xmas in July (at the "Bay") - Ride Report

As is traditional with Xmas in July - we become the Ulysses Car Club as the weather is often dodgy and the location sometimes on the snow line. This year, Batemans Bay was the chosen spot and the weather was spectacular for a winter weekend. 15 and 16 degree days, with bright sunshine were forecast - Yippee !

Those that didn't have to carry too many presents were able to ride and Ron Tito, Kim Moorey and Mark Mitchell rode down together. The roadworks on the Clyde had been described during the week as 'slippery as snot'. 

Festive Fun!

 On our way back I thought Mark was pointing out a pot hole when in fact his front wheel had tried to escape from underneath him and he was simply trying to stay upright. The 2 BMW's had no such issues, and the surface was nicely hard packed. 

Of course they had just watered the road for our arrival and it was certainly 'slippery as snot'.

The traffic was surprisingly light for the final weekend of school holidays, the sun was out, the wind stayed away and the Bay was beautiful. Another fun ride to Xmas in July.